About the Company

What: Pawcare is great for pet owners that are busy with work, or other recreational activities, and need for their pets to be walked or taken care of when they are unable to do it themselves. If you are in need of someone to walk your dog or if you are going on a trip and need your dog, cat, hamster, fish, snake, or any animal to be looked after while you are away we can do that for you with our special sitting and walking packages.

Why you should choose Pawcare: We created this company because we believe there are so many hard working people that need a bit of extra help with their pets and we want to be the ones to accommodate for pet owners needs.Our company is based on a foundation of trust, and our love for animals and we will make sure every pet is given the best treatment. We are experienced pet owners and have walked dogs since we were very young and want to continue spreading love to animals in our community and not just our homes.

Who: We are two university students aspirating to help pet owners in our community by doing what love: dog walking and pet sitting.

Where: We operate in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam BC.